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College Kids and Money

My older children are just starting to fly the coop. At ages 23, 20, 18, and 15, they've lived their entire lives, almost, hearing their parents talk about money. They've heard the "spend, save, give" mantra ad nauseam as little kids. They've had "never spend more than you earn" drilled into them. When we would go to a store, and they wanted something, I would ask, without hesitation, "Did you bring your own money for that?" They KNOW nothing comes free from mom.

Up until approximately 2007, money was a sore spot in the household - at the end of every month I'd struggle to figure out how to pay the bills that my paycheck just would not cover. I was sickened and saddened that, for some reason, my family could just not get ahead of the curve. I would think to myself, "I am an engineer - how is that statement even possible?"

And then I found Dave Ramsey. His Financial Peace University (FPU) course saved my financial life. I liken FPU to financial elementary school. These are ALL the basics you need to know in order to put yourself on solid financial footing. I te