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The Goldmine in Your Back Yard

As I sit here on a rainy morning, feeling like I got punched in the face by my allergies (thanks, South Carolina, and just about everything that grows here), I am trying to remind myself WHY I love being outside so much, despite the fact that I end up stuffed up and unable to hear most seasons of the year. First, I am outdoor person. Being in my yard brings me peace and joy. Second, growing my own food brings me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and a little bit of secret pleasure as I know my sprinklers are being used for delicious produce not lawns.

Yesterday I cut down two very large bushes next to my house in an attempt to further move my yard from southern charm to #permaculture. I love the idea of using my yard to foster bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies, as well as grow food. This year I grew my herb garden to a size where I can successfully market the herbs on Etsy. Mint and sage sales alone are more than covering the cost of my Etsy page. I have enough tomatoes and eggplant this year to reap about 5 a day, and my peach tree provided plenty for both eating fresh as well as making a stockpile of peach filling for our beloved, traditional, Christmas treat Russian Torte (ours is similar to the linked recipe, although we use a