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Button Closure Padded Book Sleeve

Button Closure Padded Book Sleeve

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+Along with the beautiful outside print, there is a neutral colored liner inside. Unlike other book sleeves you may see, my covers include an additional quilted batting between those pieces of fabric. It leaves the cover feeling sturdier and protects your precious books and e-readers even more. I also attach an elastic button closure to the top, so that your book or device stays snug! Measurements are seam-to-seam, so your book must be SMALLER than the finished measurements in order to fit appropriately.

+The 6”x8” sleeve is designed for a kindle e-reader.

+ The 8”x10” sleeve is the perfect fit for your standard paperback novels. Paperbacks are the most likely to be damaged in a bag or while you’re taking them on the go, so this sleeve is great!

+The 9”x12” sleeve fits most books comfortably, even hardbacks :)

+Any sleeve can come with added pockets. I can also create custom sizes, such as for laptops. Please contact me directly for a custom order.

+The padding in the sleeve is going to protect your books wherever you may need to store them; purses, bookbags, luggage, etc.

+These sleeves are 100% machine washable, dry-able on low in the drier, and sturdy enough for everyday use. The exteriors are generally a thicker fabric such as twill, to hold up to tough conditions! The denim sleeves are made with up-cycled jean fabric.

+++This fits most books comfortably, but make sure to measure your item before purchasing to ensure that it will work for you :) +++


    Books sleeves are small, handmade, padded protection for your reading cargo.  Tote them everywhere you go and know your book or e-reader is safe and sound.  I am happy to make custom sizes, and add custom features, such as a pocket for reading glasses.  Reach out and I will help!


    We are happy to provide refunds on any purchased product.  If the product is custom made for you, however, we do not accept returns or refunds unless the construction is faulty.


    In the CSRA, I offer porch-pickup.  Otherwise, I am happy to ship USPS First class, Priority Mail, and UPS.  Shipping is an additional charge.  If you have other shipping needs, please feel free to contact me.

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